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If there is 1 thing I learned in school was that history repeats itself.....  I just saw it today.  It was as if I was watching the SUPER BOWL all over again. 
 The Cards looked beaten most of the game, the mount a late comeback, then they allow a game winning drive at the end.
They missed the opportunity to take timeouts when their defense was winded.  Instead they "saved" that last timeout to go back to back with a TITAN timeout. 
 They then went with the time tested WAY TO LOSE THE GAME... 3 man rush!  Give a decent, but not great quarterback, plenty of time to get a receiver open.  Then, to ice the cake and make it look like last years SUPER BOWL all over again.  

The difference this time is they can't blame CLANCY  for this debacle!
o.k.  One more time class.....WHAT DID WE LEARN TODAY?
2.....  When you have timeouts to burn...... DO NOT WAIT UNTIL your defense is totally exhausted!  Use them wisely so you can try to prevent the 99 yard drive!
3.....  When you have 1 final play.... it's a pretty good bet that the opponent will try and throw a touchdown.  Having defenders that are looking for the ball ONCE THE RECEIVER IS IN THE END ZONE would be a huge HUGE bonus.

Oh yea i am mad!  You can't give a victory away any better than this.  Watch that last drive over and over again.  Count the bonehead mistakes!  Let the 49'ers see that they have a shot at the division.  I do thank you though.  I almost sent a check in to get playoff tickets.  If they are only going to get 1 home game (if they don't keep blowing games) I can save that $1200 for a greater purpose.
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Posted on: September 20, 2009 5:04 pm


     Kurt Warner sets a single game completion percentage record as the ARIZONA Cardinals rebound with a strong 31-17 road win against the JACKSONVILLE Jaguars.  Warner looked like his old self completing 24 or 26 passes for 243 yards and 2 touchdowns in less than 3 quarters helping Arizona even their record and picking up a road win early in the season.  
          Once again the ARIZONA defense looked strong.  Causing 4 fumbles and an interception for 3 turnovers.  Special teams was also sharp as Calais Campbell blocked a Josh Scobee field goal attempt.  ANTREL ROLLE caught the block and ran 83 yards for the touchdown.  It was Rolles only special teams stand out play as he looked bad on punt returning duties.  
         The Cards got on the board first with a 7 minute (6:53) opening drive as Tim Hightower scored on a 1 yard run.  After trading 1st quarter field goals it was Roles block kick return that gave the Cards it's biggest lead of the young season.  The Cards followed that with a touchdown pass to Jason Wright.  Taking a commanding 24-3 lead into the locker room at half time. 
          WARNER and the Cards got right back to work as Warner found Larry Fitzgerald for a 22 yard scoring play and a 31-3 lead. 
                WARNER took a seat and Matt Leinart saw his 1st game action of the year to finish out the game.  LEINART was 3-6 for 22 yards.  He was aided by a few nice catches as most of his passes high and off the mark.  ARIZONA seemed to have lost it's edge as the JAGUARS scored twice.  DAVID GARRARD, who was running from the pressure most of the day, threw T.D. passes to Marcedes Lewis(25 yards) and Mike Sims-Walker(19 yards).  The Cards were able to regroup and hold of the JAGS to win their 1st game of the 2009 season.      It was a very good effort on both sides of the ball today.  9 CARDINALS caught a pass today.  TIM HIGHTOWER was a force today, rushing for 72 yards and a score.  BEANIE WELLS 44 yards, but saw limited time in the 2nd half as he fumbled twice.  STEVE BREASTON came back strong after sitting out the 1st game with 83 yards.  BOLDIN looked healthy adding 69 yards, and FITZ caught a T.D. pass.  
     On defense the CARDS were lead by Karlos Dansby who had 5 tackles a sack and a forced fumble.  DOCKETT, HAGGANS, and DOMINIC RODGERS-CROMARTI.  DRC also had a pick.  
     GAME PLAN:  I think coach WHIS is happy with the way the game was played out.  They ran the ball as much as they passed, won T.O.P. and cut their penalties in half from week 1.  Outside of the 2 fumbles by WELLS(only 1 was a turn over) the team put in a very solid effort.  The game being on the road made it even more impressive.  This is the type of football that wins titles.  If the CARDINALS can sustain this, they have a great chance of making another deep run in the post season.  
     I TOLD YOU SO: It was last September (15th) that i blogged about CALAIS CAMPBELL.  I mentioned then how he caught me eye, even in a limited roll.  Yea I guess I got lucky!  But I did, and still do, love the way he plays.  He was a force that the stats won't always show after the game.
Posted on: September 13, 2009 9:19 pm

Super Bowl hangover?

There are so many cliches that are associated with pro sports.  One of the biggest is the "SUPER BOWL HANGOVER".  If you "buy" into any of these sports cliches, well, I have a bridge to sell you.  
     What I do buy into is the "coaching wins games" philosophy.  In todays case..... coaching LOST a game.  It was coach Whisenhunts devotion to a running game that does not exist that cost this team a chance at a victory today.  while he has stressed the need for a strong running game in his 2+ seasons here, it's the lack thereof that took the Cardinals down today.  TIM HIGHTOWER and Beanie Wells combined for 44 yards on 15 carries.  That includes a 15 yard run by Wells!  Don't get me wrong, alot of credit must be given to the SAN FRAN CISCO 49'ers defense today.  It's no secret that the Cards CAN NOT run the ball but WILL TRY to run the ball ALOT!  TODD HALEY was smart enough to see the passing game is what butters the Cards bread, coach WHIS did not today.
     The other major factor today was the love the CARDINALS have for the penalty.  12 of them today for over 80 yards!  A few were on the same play!  That's a problem that has plagued the Cards for years.  Coaching needs to remedy that.   After the game Ken Whisenhunt said that penalties will not be tolerated and that those players will not play.  Better get more players on the team!  12 penalties means alot of extra bodies will be needed!  All joking aside, penalties are a product of coaching also.  
     It is a shame that such a dominant display by the defense was over shadowed by penalties and an offense that rarely clicked.  Gerald Hayes, Calais Campbell and Karlos Dansby had great games on defense.  The line looked dominant at times, and played well throughout.  The kicking game was also strong today.  Penalties and a failed attempt at a running game was the Cardinals downfall today.
     The 49ers look like a team to reckon with this year.  With the strong showing by Seattle today, the NFC WEST may be a very tough division.  The Cardinals can not afford many more games like today if they plan on a 2nd straight post season birth.
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Posted on: February 2, 2009 12:06 am


     In one of the greatest Super Bowls ever played, the Arizona Cardinals come up short losing to the Pittsburgh Steelers 27-23.  In front of a predominately Steeler crowd, the Cards mounted a spirited fourth quarter comeback that actually had them take a 23-20 lead.


     The game was "business as usual for the Cardinals.  It was a game full of penalties,missed tackles,hopeless drives,remarkable comebacks, and on this occasion....a heartbreaking loss.  Right from the opening drive the Steelers looked as if this would be an all Pittsburgh game.  They drove down the field and had a first and goal from the Arizona 1.  But the Cards defense came up big making stops on Russell and Willie Parker.  Roethlisberger then scrambled to the goal line, originally being credited with a touchdown.  When the Cardinals asked for a review, the play was over turned and Pittsburgh settled for a field goal.


     Pittsburghs  second drive of the game yielded a better result.  It was a 69 yard drive that culminated in a one yard touchdown run by Russell.  Giving the Steelers a 10-0 lead early in the second quarter.  This was dangerous territory for the  Cardinals, they were in danger of falling behind by 3 scores.  They came out strong on their next drive.  The big play, a 45 yard completion to Anquan Boldin, gave the Cardinals a first and goal at the Pittsburgh 1.  Warner then hit Ben Patrick with the ARIZONA CARDINALS first ever Super Bowl score, a nicely thrown fade pass.  The Cards had cut the lead to 10-7. 


     After a Karlos Dansby interception with 2:09 to go in the half, Arizona looked to be in business.  They drove to the Pittsburgh one yard line with 18 seconds in the half.  Then the turning point of the game occurred.  From the shotgun, Warners short pass to Boldin was picked off by Harrison and returned 100 yards for a touchdown.  The return set a new super bowl record,gave Pitssburgh a 17-7 half time lead, and could have broken the Cardinals spirit.  If the Cards were able to convert that play, they could have gone into the half with a 14-10 lead, not a 17-7 defecit.


     The third quarter was highlited with a Jeff Reed 21 yard field goal.  It could have been much worse.  On Reeds 27 yard field goal, Adrian Wilson was called for unnecessary roughness, giving the Steeers a first and goal from the nine yard line.  The Arizona defense held, and Reed would kick his field goal giving Pittsburgh a 20-7 lead.


     The fourth quarter was vintage Cardinal football.  After Arizona stopped PIttsburgh on their first drive of the fourth quarter, Kurt Warner and Co. went to work.  Running a predominately no huddle-shotgun offense, Warner began to pick apart the Steeler defense.  Completing passes to 5 different receivers, including 4 to Larry Fitzgerald.  Third and one from the Pittsburgh one.....It was a play that we've seen so many times this year, a perfectly placed lob to Fitzgerald.  The Cards cut the lead to 21-14.  


     The next Cardinal drive resulted in a punt.  A perfectly placed punt, downed at the Steeler two yard line by Adams.  Arizona did what they needed to do, pin Roethlisberger deep in his own territory.  First down from their own 2 yard line.  After an incomplete pass to Hines Ward, Willie Parker barely cleared the goal line,avoiding a safety.  On third and ten, Roethlisberger completes a 19 yard pass to Santonio Holmes.  The flag on the play was holding in the end zone resulting in a saftey.  Arizona was now down 21-16. 


     Following the Pittsburgh punt, Arizona started on their own 36 with 2:53 left in the game.  Warners first pass is incomplete to Boldin.  Warner,from the shotgun again, hit Fitzgerald over the middle.  Fitzgerald splits the defense and goes 64 yards for the touchdown!  Arizona takes their first lead of the game,23-21 with 2:47 to play in the game.  One stop and the ARIZONA CARDINALS would be SUPERBOWL champions.  On a third and 6, Holmes makes a 13 yard catch for a 1st down.  Roethlisberger would then hit Holmes again with a short pass that would turn into a 40 yard gain.  Pittsburgh ball, first and goal from the 6.  Roethlisbergers pass goes through the hands of Holmes as he leaps in the left corner of the end zone.  Second and goal, 42 seconds left.  This time the Steelers try the right corner of the endzone, with three defenders around him Holmes makes the catch.  Pittsburgh has the lead once again,23-21.


     The Cardinals take over on their own 23 with only 29 seconds to go.  Warner hits Fitzgerald for a 20 yard gain, they use time out number 2.  The next play left me wondering.  With only a single time out remaining, the Cards go short over the middle to JJ Arrington.  While the play netted 13 yards, the Cardinals had to exhaust their final time out.  There were 15 seconds left and 44 yards to go.  From the shotgun, Warner takes the snap, tries to scramble to buy the receivers time, and is sacked.  He loses the ball, the Steelers recover and just like that the dream is over.


     The Steelers win 27-23.  While noone is ever happy with a loss, the ARIZONA CARDINALS have alot to be proud about.  This was a team that wasn't ever given a chance in any of it's playoff games.  A team that was "the worst playoff team of the year", the "worst conference champion ever" etc etc.  Well, it was the ARIZONA CARDINALS that came this close to winning the SUPER BOWL!  They took the best defense in the NFL and pushed them to the limit.  CONGRATS CARDINALS.....THANK YOU FOR THE GREAT RIDE!!!!

     Thank you CBSSPORTS for this opportunity.  It was alot of fun writing the Cardinal blog!

Posted on: January 18, 2009 8:19 pm


  The ARIZONA Cardinals advance to the first Super Bowl in franchise history with a 32-25 win over the Philadelphia Eagles. The sell out crowd watched history being made as the Cardinals held off a 3rd quarter Eagle onslaught that resulted in Philly take a 1 point lead in the fourth quarter.

  The Cardinals came out flying, scoring on a nine play 80 yard drive, culminating with a Larry Fitzgerald 9 yard touchdown pass. The Eagles countered with a David Akers 45 yard field goal.

  The second quarter belonged to Arizona. It began with a flea flicker to Fitzgerald for a 62 yard touchdown. Following another Akers field goal(33yds). The Cards had their second 9 play drive, this time for 73 yards, ending with Fitzgerald in single coverage making an easy catch from a yard out. The Cardinals 3rd 9 play drive(53 yards) ended with a Neil Rackers 49 yard field goal at time expired. Giving Arizona a 24-6 halftime lead. The ROUTE was on...or was it?

  The third quarter was all Eagles. Highlighted by 2 Brent Celek touchdowns, 6 and 31 yards. 24-19 heading to the final 15 minutes. The momentum was clearly in the Eagles hands. The Cards looked slow and tired on defense and the offense could do nothing when on the field.

  The Fourth began to play out much like the 3rd quarter. Philadelphia drove 86 yards on just 4 plays as Donovan McNabb hit DeSean Jackson with a 62 pass that Rodgers-Cromartie almost deflected away. What was lost on that play was the extra attention the Cards had to give to Brent Celek. It prevented them from rushing the extra man, giving McNabb the time to hit Jackson downfield for the score. The 2 point attempt was missed and the Cardinals trailed for the first time all day,25-24.

  What happened next was what heros,legends, and champions are made of. Arizona drove 71 yards on 14 plays converting 4 first downs, including a fourth and 1. The 7:52 drive was capped when Kurt Warner threw his fourth touchdown pass of the game on third and goal from the 8 yard line to Tim Hightower. The 2 point conversion ,Warner to tight end Ben Patrick gave the ARIZONA CARDINALS the lead 32-25.

  The Eagles turned the ball over on downs. The Cards could do no better as they had to punt with 15 seconds to go. Philly tried a short pass with a few laterals....that ended, along with the game, when Darnell Dockett recovered the fumbled ball and finally went down to end the game.

  It was basically vintage Cardinal playoff football...feels funny to say that! They made the Eagles turn the ball over 3 times. One was an Aaron Francisco interception that he fumbled away....They were able to run the ball,102 yards on the ground,led by Edgerrin James with 73 yards. Arizona held Westbrook to 45 yards rushing and the Eagles to a total of 97 yards.

  Warner was his hall of fame self, throwing for 279 yards and 4 touch downs....he completed passes to 10 recievers including himself! Larry Fitzgerald showed why he is the best receiver in football... catching 9 passes for 152 yards and 3 touchdowns.

  What may have been the nicest part of this win....ADRIAN WILSON, he played like a beast again. Sacking McNabb twice, one resulting in a turnover!

  It's on the Tampa!!!! Respect is finally in ARIZONA!

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  The Arizona Cardinals came out flying today and beat the Atlanta Falcons 30-24 in front of a sellout crowd at University of Phoenix Stadium today. They did it the old fashioned way....Defense and on the ground.

  Edgerrin James, as I wrote last week, would play a key role. Edge rushed for 73 yards today on only 16 carries, as the new look Cardinal offense did a great job of running the ball. But it was the defense that came up the biggest today. None bigger than the second play of the second half. Darnell Dockett came through a gap in the Atlanta blocking scheme causing a fumble between Ryan and Turner. Antrel Rolle caught the fumble in mid air and ran it 27 yards for the score and a 21-17 lead that the Cardinals would not surrender.

  The defense highlighted its second half domination with a safety of Ryan. The ensuing drive, a 76 yard 7:43 second drive gave the Cards a 30-17 lead.

  It was the running game that made Warner successful early in the game. After 3 James runs for a total of 21 yards, the Cards ran the ball again, but this time, James spun and tossed the ball back to Warner. The flea flicker worked as Warner hit Fitzgerald for 42 yard and the first score of the game.

  Arizonas second score was both impressive and potentially devastating. Anquan Boldin caught a short pass, broke tackles and ran 71 yards down the sideline for the score. As he crossed the goal line he reached for his thigh. Initial reports was a cramp. later, we found out it is a hamstring. This will be watched closely....Boldin will be needed for the Giant or Panther match-up.

  Warner was his usual self. He completed passes to 9 different receivers, ran for a big 1st down, avoided numerous sacks, and found the open receivers to keep drives alive. None as big as his 23 yard completion to Stephen Spach on 3rd and 16 with 2:10 to go in the fourth quarter to seal the victory! It's important to note that the offensive line, which has taken many hits for its poor play, came up big today. Mike Gandy and Levi Brown played excellent games. Brown was finishing tackles the way the Cards envisioned him to when they drafted him.

  Arizona will be traveling east again. If Minnesota wins, the Cards come to Jersey to play the Giants. If the Eagles win, they go to Carolina for a rematch there. I look for Carolina. The weather will be warmer and the Cards came within a few missed tackles in big situations of winning that game.

  For now......We take the week to smile and enjoy what has been the best season in Arizona Cardinals history!

Posted on: December 28, 2008 8:27 pm


  The ARIZONA Cardinals recover from a poor opening quarter to defeat the SEATTLE Seahawks 34-21 today. It was a positive finish to a negative month for the Cards. A team that has looked almost distracted at time after clinching the NFC WEST.

  The Cards went back to Edgerrin James today, and he rewarded them nicely rushing for 100 yards on 14 carries. James looked like the player he was his entire career, and he player they so badly need going into the playoffs. He was quick to the holes and showed his flair for the big play.

  Kurt Warner finished what looked like a MVP caliber year 3 weeks ago with 263 yards passing and a season high 4 touchdowns before yielding to Matt Leinart in the 4th quarter. Arizona completed passes to 9 different receivers. Larry Fitzgerald led the way with 5 catches for 130 yards and 2 touchdowns. Steve Breaston was 5-91 with a touchdown, and Jeremy Urban added 43 yards and a touchdown. On the down side, Fitzgerald missed a chance for his 2nd consecutive 100 reception season,finishing with 96.

  While the box score would show a semi easy win today, it must be noted that the tackling was horrible! On more than 1 occasion the Cards missed numerous tackles on he same play. This allowed Seattle to keep drives alive and stay in the game. The defense did hold Seattle to only 3 of 13 on 3rd down conversions, although they did allow them to be 3 for 3 on 4th down conversions.

  The cardinals finish the season 9-7 to have only their 2nd winning season since 1984,and 1st in 10 years. They will host the 1st ever playoff game in Arizona next week when the Atlanta Falcons come to town. Thank you Cards!! It's a season to remember! Let's hope it goes a few nore weeks!!

  Thank you CBSSPORTSLINE for this was alot of fun to do this blog!

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  New England scored on on 9 of their 1st 10 drives en route to a 47-7 blow out of the Arizona Cardinals, at a snowy Gillette Stadium. LaMont Jordan ran for 2 touchdowns and Matt Cassel threw for 3 touchdowns in the blow out.

  Any talk of Kurt Warner being an M.V.P. canidate were put to rest today as the snow and the Patriot defense led to his 6 of 18 for only 30 yards. Matt Leinart saw is 1st significant action of the regular season, throwing for 138 yards and a T.D.

  The running game was once again absent. Edggerin James "led" the way with 19 yards on 4 carried. Tim Hightower once again was underwhelming, rushing for 17 yards on 10 carries. The line was outplayed again but the Patriot defense.

  While this game was basically meaningless for the Cardinals, it is important to note that the Cards are finding it harder and harder to run at all.

Teams are almost daring them to run! This will become very problematic come january.

  Two key contributors sat out today. Anquan Boldin with a shoulder injury and J.J. Arrington with a knee injury. Both should be fine for the post season.

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